Project Powder

Project Powder 1.67

Project Powder is a multiplayer snowboard racing game
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Project Powder is an enjoyable snowboarding game that focuses on learning and making killer air moves throughout the different race modes. At first, you can only choose from a few characters to play with, and you are given standard snowboarding gear. Later, you can buy clothes, snowboards and various accessories in the item shop with the money or credits you get during the game. Unfortunately, these items are expensive and you can use them for a limited time, which is really frustrating. By racing you can get not credits only but also experience points. However, the experience bar takes a long time to fill, so you have to play for hours in order to get to the next level, which is frustrating too. What is more, in order to fully use the unlocked skills players have to fulfill the single race conditions within a time limit. The tricks are not difficult to perform, you just have to remember a series of keyboard strokes and arrow key combinations. What the game lacks as regards gameplay, it makes up in graphics and sounds, since they are really awesome. It includes very detailed environments and great snow effects. If you are a snowboard lover, you will not care about its flaws, but if you aren't, you better look for another game.
To download the game you will have to create a free account on its site, first you will be able to download the Outspark downloader that will download the game for you.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Original idea
  • Free
  • Multiplayer modes
  • Great graphics and sound effects


  • Expensive items
  • Slow money and experience gain
  • Very slow-paced
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